Day 44

Last night was awesome, My step mum joined me for another swim and we kicked some chlorine ass! We did 32 lengths in 35 minutes, BOOM. It was hard work but I felt great. We both push each other to do more so make a great team.

We are planning another trip tomorrow and I will go Saturday morning too I think. I’m taking my mum out for the day so will have to get up super early but am determined to go at least 3 times this week. Plus I’m walking lots each day so I’ll get there – slowly.

I took today’s featured image when I got home last night after the swim. My pup likes to sit on the top of my sofa and wrap around me like a scarf which came in very handy last night to dry my hair. I just took it quickly and whacked it on my Facebook and a few people commented how slim my face is starting to look. I can see it too in this pic so it’s made me feel even more motivated. Roll on those pictures on day 50.

Food and drink wise – I have managed to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday so far this week and only had two cups of tea since Sunday which is great. I am however craving a cup of tea but sufficing with water and red grapes which I’m actually enjoying.

I have found a 7 day meal plan on the Slimming World website and have printed it off and ordered all the food I need online. I think I need more help with the diet side of things rather than just calorie counting. I definitely feel like I should be losing more than I am so need to up my game there. I am going to follow the 7 day plan from Monday so I will post what I have each day and see how I go. If I do lose weight next week, I’ll look at Slimming World as a full-time plan.

If anyone wants to send me some slimming world plan tips and recipes please do!


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