Day 86 – Recovery mode engaged

Hello. I am back from the big Palma Party of 2015 and slightly worse for wear! I have had the best weekend ever and all the panicking about what I was going to wear or how I would feel in a big group of beautiful women was completely pointless.

I felt great the whole time. A little sunshine, shopping and sangria with great friends can really do wonders and I cannot wait for the wedding of the year in just 16 days time. Plus I got to spend four whole days with my gorgeous friend who has is more like a little sister to me – I adore her. She is also an inspiration.


Once herself overweight (although when she felt overweight I longed to be her size!) and unhappy, she now has a body to die for. Everyone on the hen party commented on how amazing she looks and her dignified response was always – it was bloody hard.

I love that she says that. I know people that have lost some weight and just shrug it off when people ask how. My friend ensures people know it takes hard work and commitment. I feel like she doesn’t want them to praise her for her body; she wants them to acknowledge her work and make sure she doesn’t encourage other people to just expect to wake up looking amazing – if you want it – go work real hard for it. I like that. The fight for healthiness inside and out. I love that she inspires me to focus on FEELING good, not looking good. Not measuring pounds or inches but noticing the more energy I have. Having her to look up too, is really motivating me to push myself harder. God bless little sisters hey?

I have finally caught up on all the news from the weekend too and I am shocked by one particular story – you know what I am going to say don’t you?! Protein World. I am unsure as to whether I agree with the quick fix protein shake plan behind the campaign but I cannot believe the uproar this image has caused!


So many people have covered it in graffiti, sent hate mail and the company have even received a bomb threat?!! I have read one has-been z-lister tweeted that the same should happen to plus-sized clothes companies and fat-shaming should be allowed on their posters. That is ridiculous.

I look at that image and I don’t think “How dare Protein World use that woman to front a campaign – I feel disgusting and they should pay.” I look at that poster and I think WOW. I am telling you right now – if I had that body it would be on every bloody billboard, of every street going! She looks fit, healthy and awesome. It does not affect how I feel about my body. My body is what it is and I face my own challenges and work on it in my own ways.

At the end of the day, only you choose how you feel. They are not offending you because you don’t have that body – you are choosing to feel offended. The advert isn’t wrong for using the model’s amazing, strong, body, they are wrong for using it to promote weight loss. Therein the problem lays.

The company could have used this opportunity to change the narrative – make it about strength, about fitness, about achievement, about anything that isn’t just looking acceptable to the world in a bikini.

Objectifying women is not the way to sell products in the 21st Century but that isn’t Protein World’s fault – perhaps they are the straw that broke the camel’s back and now, much like winter, change, is coming.


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