Day 88

I did it. I actually did it. And guess what? I’m probably going to do it again.

I shook off my doubts and pulled on the jeans! They fit really well and I teamed them with blue heels, clutch bag and statement necklace. 

As soon as I walked in my friend who I hadn’t seen for a while said I looked amazing and commented how slender I looked. I’ve never been called slender ever! Haha. 

I throw caution to the wind and even got my handsome fella to take my picture – FULL LENGTH and guess what – I don’t give a crap if people look at it and day yuck. 

I felt good and confident and could see my achievements so far. Although I haven’t made the progress as quick as I could have, I feel so much better already. 

I have a goal to be a size 16 by Christmas. I’m not going to weigh – I’m going to feel. Go by how my clothes fit and not what the scales say. 

Speaking of clothes fitting – how tight to jeans get when you eat?! Couldn’t wait til to get them off! 😉 


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