The day the counting stops

Today is day 100. I can’t believe how much has changed in what really is a very short about of time. Just 14 weeks in fact. I started this blog thinking I could get healthy and happy and my whole life would change in 100 days. Who was I kidding hey?

I have learnt so much though about myself and society and how I can make a difference and change my outlook and perspective. More importantly, how I cant put things off for the day “when I lose weight”. I will no longer say, “yes let’s do that when I’ve lost ten stone.” I will do these when and how I can!

Also, I am no longer worried about the wedding pictures – I am excited! I cant wait to get my hair and make up done and put on a pretty dress and spend the day in the sunshine (fingers crossed!) with great friends.

The main thing I have learnt though, is that this journey is not going to stop when I hit day 100 or even when I hit my target weight. Feeling good will always be a constant challenge for me because I have learnt it isn’t about how you much you weigh or what size dress you wear – it’s how you feel. Despite being 3 dress sizes smaller than I was at on day 1, I feel the weigh of the world lighter thanks to encouragement, support and self-belief.

So, I bid you farewell … for now! The next post will have a picture of me in the initially dreaded and now 3 dress sizes smaller bridesmaid dress! EEP! (if it still fits me of course 😉 )!!


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