A belated bridesmaid’s blog

I know what you are thinking, “where da hell you been at giirrrlll?” If, of course, you are a full of sass American lady with an attitude and a habit for finger clicking. 11227557_10153573151266542_3242619021737129351_n Well, I have been waiting for the wedding pictures and wasn’t exactly sure what to write but the pictures are now here. giggles As you know, I was particularly worried before the wedding about how I would look in the photographs. I hate how self-involved that sounds. It took me real time to allow myself/hit myself over the head with the knowledge that I really wasn’t picked as a bridesmaid for how I looked. I was picked by my great, beautiful friend to celebrate her day by her side. 11262397_10153573322181542_2540631538628692105_n Nobody, but me, cared how I was going to look which, for the record, was fricking awesome! The bride and my fellow bridesmaid are the world’s best hair and make up artists and boy did they work their magic on me. Despite initially feeling like a drag queen without her dress, I loved by the look by the time we accompanied the bride down the isle. which I’m not going to lie, is the SCARIEST thing I have EVER had to do. 10981811_10153573148811542_5942177444565439770_n What was all the fuss about, hey? I’m now going to have to find a new name for the blog.  Although the wedding is over, the journey continues… group


2 thoughts on “A belated bridesmaid’s blog

  1. Oh my goodness…this brought on the tears! I am so proud of you for just starting this blog, let alone what you’ve achieved. I knew you would be an awesome bridesmaid and I chose you because you are a truly beautiful person, inside and out. I am very lucky …you kept me calm, made exceptional to-do lists, and made sure they got actioned and ticked off! You were always there when I had my wobbles and were supportive, and rational… When I wasn’t! Thank you so much for everything, and you looked stunning. Love you xxx
    Ps. And you took some amazing photos x


    1. WAHHH! Tears xx I had the best day ever and keep looking at the pictures wondering how on earth you both made me so pretty! You were the most beautiful bride and everyone keeps saying to me how fantastic the wedding looks – if their was a best wedding award you’d win hands down!! I love you and now for the next adventure 😉 xxxxxx


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